IU Involvement

I began my involvement with IU as an alumnus by joining the Bartholomew County Alumni Club after arriving in Columbus. Those initial contacts put me in touch with a wonderful group of loyal, enthusiastic, wonderful friends of IU. They made me realize what a vast and varied family we are, but how we all share such an affection for the university. Following is a summation of my activities over the years:

IU Alumni Association

  • Life Member 1978
  • Executive Council 1993-2005
  • Board of Managers 2000-2004
  • Chairman IUAA 2002-2003
  • Woodburn Guild Advisory Board 2003-2007
  • 1854 Society 2007-Present
  • IUAA Strategic Directions Task Force 2004-2005
  • Past Chairs Council 2004-Present
  • IU Presidents Award 2007


  • IUPUI Alumni Council 2005-2017
  • President IUPUI Alumni Council 2013-2014
  • Recipient Maynard K. Hine Award 2004-for service to IUPUI

IU School of Medicine

  • Otis R. Bowen Award for Leadership of the Class of 1971 Gift Campaign 2000
  • School of Medicine Alumni Council 1982-2011
  • Dean’s Council Board of Directors 1989-2001
  • J.O. Ritchey Society Board of Directors 2009-Present
  • President School of Medicine Alumni Council 1982, 1991, 2007-2009

IU Varsity Club

  • Twelfth Man Club
  • Hoosier Hundred-Hoosier Athlete 1982-Present
  • Basketball Season Ticket Holder-37 years
  • Football Season Ticket Holder-37 years
Rob with son Jon

IU Foundation

  • President’s Circle
  • Arbutus Society (Planned Gift)
  • Well House Society

Undergraduate Activities

  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Leadership School 1965
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon-President 1966
  • Union Board of Directors 1966-1967
  • I.U. Student Foundation-1966-1967
  • Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-med Honorary
  • Blue Key Men’s Leadership Honorary
  • Phi Eta Sigma-Freshman Scholarship Honorary

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